Meet DUET: Your best laser hair removal for dark hair!

Unwanted hair removal has been practice for centuries from a simple pluck using tweezers to using pulses of light called laser. We are very fortunate to live in a world where modern technology abounds and removing these unwanted hairs is just a matter of minutes or hours if you’re covering a large area in your body.

In the process of using laser hair removal, the unwanted hairs are exposed to a pulsed light that directly destroys the hair follicle or hair root while localizing the damage and not destroying the other surrounding tissues. Since light is absorbed by dark objects, the pulsed light will be absorbed by melanin, which is responsible for the dark pigment of your hair. Because of the selective absorption of the photons in the laser light, therefore, it works best for dark coarse hair with fair skin.

Lumenis LightSheer DUET is the new laser hair removal machine with built-in vacuum for better results. It comes in two designs: LightSheer ET with spot size of 9×9 mm and LightSheer HS with a spot size of 22×35 mm which gives deep penetration for the melanin and the hair follicle to be destroyed and prevents re-growth of unwanted hair. The bigger spot size also means wider and faster treatment area and can be used for large areas in the body.

Furthermore, when using this machine there is no need for anesthesia or gels and preparation time. With large-area treatment, the whole process can be done for over 15 minutes and that includes the back and legs.

Also, the Lightsheer ET contains Chill Tip cooling to prevent the rubberband effect you get from other laser machine technologies and gives the patient the much-needed comfort during the treatment. One thing to expect from this laser machine is the permanent reduction of hair for a long, long while and although there are minor side-effects like redness and swelling, yet it only lasts for a couple of days; and another downside to this product is the occasional trip you need to take to the parlor and the payment for the not-so-cheap sessions ($200 and above).

Top 4 Free Vectors

For animal category I would say this image is the best amongst all others. Why? Because this one has a clean look and furnished design that anyone would be attracted to this. I have marked it 10 out of 10. This greenly theme will make you feel that you are in touch with the nature. You will find it spiritual and it will bring you peace in your mind. If you want to make an art with it, you must try it. This is a great picture.

From the aspects of design, I put this one second place. Because this has a red flowery circle in it, though it isn’t as attractive than the previous one, but it has both professional and informal look. This is what I like about this picture. This image has its own abstract value, besides it has a space in the top left corner of the image so that you can put something to describe your presentation or reason for the presentation.

This is a kiddy presentation. But it has much joy full within it. Children will love to have this one. It doesn’t have much aesthetic meaning rather than I believe it is produced for sticker production which is much my favorite for any child. I believe you will also have fun with your children showing it. You can print it on a paper, cut out the images and play with your children. I would rank this one third in comparison to all these images I am describing.

This is also a kiddy presentation. This is also made for sticker production I think, but it has a cool attractiveness for children. Children love dogs. So here is a design with different dogs. You can play with your children with this animal vector too. I rank it fourth within the images, but secretly I think for all kids it would be no. 1.

There is plenty of free vectors online, I find that the best resource for vectors of this type is vectorfreak it has easily the largest amount of vectors compared to any other free vector site.

Staying fit and healthy at home

There are plenty of foods on the table! Oh yes, you can eat as much to your heart’s content but over eating is another problem. Nowadays, with the abundance of unhealthy snacks and junk foods—we are gradually adding fats to our body without even knowing it. Being healthy becomes a tough job and even doing simple exercises is torture isn’t enough. Most of the teens think this way and instead of having the motivation to be fit, we are becoming the world’s famous couch potato. Okay, let’s stop being lazy and try to work out some sweat in your very own home.

Do some zumba moves: This has been a common dance workout for all ages. Zumba involves dance (samba, mambo, hip-hop, etc) and aerobic moves. You don’t need to pay for some entrance fee nor buy some gym clothes. You can do some zumba exercises with your t-shirt and shorts on and you can also do this fun workout at home. Just watch some Youtube videos and you’re on a surefire way to be burning those calories and learning some pretty cool dance moves.

Do some easy exercises: You don’t need gym equipment to get those muscles working. Just a simple push-up and squat combine can make you sweat real hard if do four to five sets a day. Make sure to insert some break after every rep and don’t forget to do some stretching exercises to avoid cramps and sores.

Do some eating of those vegetables and fruits: Just take a look at those vegetarians; they’ve got healthy qualities written all over them from their flawless skin to clear bright eyes. Those are the wonderful benefits when you eat lots and lots of vegetables and fruits and to top all that, you’re going to look young and fresh.